Thursday, August 13, 2020

Practical Behaviors when Dating Strangers

Whether it's meeting strangers online or those introduced by friends, dating is the best way for both parties to get acquainted quickly and increase their goodwill. But when dating a stranger for the first time, there are some special things you need to pay attention to.

Body language is an essential part of the message, especially when you are dating a stranger you meet for the first time. A magazine once mentioned that when meeting a stranger for the first time, 55% of the first impression depends on appearance and body language, and 38% depends on speaking skills. This means that when you are on the first real offline date with your favorite stranger, use some practical body language skills and speaking skills, then you will send some positive signals to the other party to help you get the date success. Try to avoid standing in front of her with arms crossed, because this means resistance and rejection. Try to match each other's posture as much as possible, such as imitating and approaching, so that both of you will feel close. Secondly, if you are a mature image, then try to avoid doing some naive behaviors as much as possible, and at the same time show your mature temperament, such as opening the door for the other party, actively mentioning chat topics, etc.

At the same time, the tense atmosphere can also make two strangers quickly gain the trust and closeness of each other. A tense atmosphere often puts the spirits of both parties in a state of excitement, while tight nerves will significantly improve the sensory abilities of both parties. If coupled with an appropriate romantic atmosphere, then a romantic feeling will follow. Therefore, choosing the location of the first date in a slightly passionate and intense environment can make the date of two strangers successful. For example, arranging the meeting place in an exciting playground, and two people play some exciting projects together, which can greatly increase the adrenaline level of both parties to obtain a sense of pleasure. Of course, in the same way, going to a dimly-lit movie theater to watch a suspenseful or tense movie can easily arouse the love of both parties.

Of course, if you have a cheerful personality, you can create joyful experiences and memories with each other as much as possible. As everyone agrees, a sense of humor occupies a very important position in the interaction with strangers. The joyful atmosphere created by humor will quickly make two strangers feel close, so carefully preparing some jokes before dating is also one of the very practical dating tips. It is also worth noting that soft and simple music will let people put down their guard and sense of strangeness, and make two strangers quickly gain a good impression. In other words, if you choose a cafe or restaurant with soft lighting and beautiful music after watching the movie, it will help you greatly increase your dating success rate. Of course, this also means that on your first date, you need to avoid going to some serious concerts as much as possible.

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